Adirondacks cabins at Mill Creek

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From the N.Y.
State Thruway

Take the NYS Thruway which is 87 N towards Albany and stay on it until EXIT 24 of the Thruway. It will come up about 5 miles after you reach Albany. At that point  the road divides into 90 East and 90 West. You want to stay on 87 N. Take EXIT 24 and you will soon come to a turn and then the tolls will appear.

After you pay the tolls stay on 87 N (Montreal) which is now the Northway. You will drive about 60 miles until you come to Exit 23 of the Northway, after Lake George. When you exit, you will come to the stop sign and make a left, then go towards the lights and yield right. You will now be on 9 to 28.


 Pass through the village of Warrensburg and about 2 miles after Warrensburg you will come to a sign for 28. Make a left on 28 as the sign shall indicate and proceed towards Wevertown which is 11 miles on 28.
Once you get to Wevertown you will see the only traffic light there and, Pearsall Realty across the road. Make a left there and you will now be on route 8 West. Drive for about 2/3 of a mile, until you see a sign on your left hand side that reads: "Cabins at Mill Creek". Pull into the driveway and you will notice that the first large house on the right is our main house that we call King's Head. At the center of the property are the three cabins numbered accordingly, and across from these three is The Honeymoon Cabin. Sparrow's Nest is the dwelling closest to the garage of the house to the far left hand side of the property.
If my associate Dick is not present when you arrive, the door will be unlocked and the keys will be provided on the table.

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